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A New Era

As time moved on, Chairman/MD Mr. J. G. Ananda Senarath worked tirelessly to ensure that his father’s vision, shone even brighter than before. His dedication and hard work helped revolutionize Premadasas Gems and Jewellery and the entire industry as well. In fact many of the business practices and concepts introduced by Mr. J. G. Ananda Senarath back in the 80’s are still widely used across the industry today.

During this passage of time we trained our focus on quality, improving the knowledge of our staff through training and professional guidance, investment in infrastructure and an aggressive marketing campaign. With a new sense of strategy and focus, we continued to excel as leaders in the industry and Premadasas Gems and Jewellery earned a reputation locally and internationally, as purveyors of impeccable quality and style.

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Miracle Stones

Message from the president & vice president

president president

A business that commenced in 1956 by my late father Mr. J.G.Premadasa grew from strength to strength over the years spreading its branches within the island and overseas, earning more and more loyal customers as well as their confidence. Unparalleled product and service quality, dedication to customer satisfaction, honesty and integrity make us outshine the rest. With the growing reputation of Premadasas Gems & Jewellery, we opened branches in many parts of the island as well as in Bali & Jakarta – Indonesia and in Beijing, China. Today, an organization with over 50 years of experience behind it, Premadasas which is the country’s No. 1, for high quality Gems & Jewellery has diversified its business into several other areas which include Real Estate Development, Luxury villas and investments as well.

Quality Assurance

Being true to our corporate philosophy is very important to us, therefore quality is one of our main concerns when it comes to our products and services. We take utmost precaution and adhere to strict quality assurance processes which ensure that our products and services are of impeccable quality before it is presented to the customers. We have trained the best creative designers for the creation of jewellery and quality control units are established at each point of production. For an example, the gems which are sold and are embedded into the jewellery sold are certified and authorized by a gemmologist who has the best credentials and reputation in Sri Lanka, thereby ensuring its quality and authenticity.

Excellent Service

Providing excellent customer service to each and every customer is an integral part of our company’s philosophy, therefore staff training is given top priority. We aim to provide personalized service to all customers at all times in all of our outlets and to give them the experience of a lifetime. Each one of our jewellery showrooms have all the resources to provide foreign clientele with the information which they require regarding the Gem industry in Sri Lanka. A short documentary on the cross section of the Gems & Jewellery industry could be viewed by customers in many languages. Our sales staff is trained to speak many foreign languages in order to interact smoothly with our foreign clients.