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Welcome to Premadasas

Premadasas Gems & Jewellery (Pvt) ltd is a pioneer in the gems and Jewellery industry in Sri Lanka, established in year 1956, the company has developed rapidly and earned an unwavering reputation both domestic and aboard. The multi-faceted business includes Gems, Jewellery, Luxury Hotels, Villas, Restaurants, Spice & Tea, Handicrafts, etc.

普雷马达萨(集团)有限公司是在斯里兰卡的宝石和珠宝行业的先驱,公司成立于1956年,近年 来发展迅速,经营范围由宝石、珠宝业发展到拥有豪华酒店、别墅、旅游、餐饮、香料和红茶, 工艺品等等多方面的业务,并在国内外赢得了一致好评。

Vision & Mission 经营目标

The Gems and Jewellery Industry in Sri Lanka has a record of over 2,500 years, which has been handed down from generation to generation, making it a part of our heritage. Our vision is to usher this traditional industry into the modern world commercially, on a larger scale To harness the inherent skills in the present Gems and Jewellery Industry in Sri Lanka and utilize them to meet the present day competitive global demand for gems and jewellery.